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Building a Sustainable Future at the heart of Ecommerce
The team here at Littledart Fulfilment understands our unique position within the supply chain in improving the sustainability of online retail. Whether it is in our use of recycled packaging materials, the reduction of plastic waste and our choice of preferred courier we want to lead the market in terms of sustainability. Our aim is by 2024 Littledart Fulfilment and its operations will be NetZero. This is an ambitious target but one we are committed to achieving.

Business Declares

As part of our commitment to sustainability we have become members of the not-for-profit Business Declares. Business Declares is an organization founded by senior leaders who believes that business as a major part to play in tackling the climate, ecological and social emergency.

Littledart Fulfilment’s Declaration

Littledart Fulfilment is a rather small fish in the relatively big world of e-commerce. A start-up with two brothers at its lead it is based in rural North Devon. All around we can see the impact of climate change and the impact of humans on our rivers and in the natural capital that we value so greatly. Therefore, Littledart Fulfilment is proud to be joining Business Declares and the fast-growing network of businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency. 

We understand our unique role in supply chains and the impact we can have. This responsibility we do not take lightly and aim to be net zero by 2024 by moving to renewable energy and reducing our emissions. Concern for both people and planet are not new to us, and we look forward to continuing our journey and ensuring our voice is part of the collective, resounding call for change. We are not claiming to be perfect but want as a coalition of the willing to collaborate and accelerate action. We believe through good business we can make a difference. 

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